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Important Messages
The summer reading program is now over. We hope you reached your goal. The final drawing for our grand prizes will be held in September.

Welcome to Summer Reading 2014!

It's time to Fizz, Boom, Read!

  • The program runs from June 9 - August 16.

  • You must be 12 and under to participate in the Children's Program. We have other programs for Adults and Teens.

  • Prizes are awarded based on time you spend reading or going to programs.

We have events and activities every day at the main library or the branches. Keep an eye on the calendar! We also are giving out prizes to participants. Keep track of your time spent reading, listening to a book, or attending a library program here in your log. You will be eligible for prizes throughout the summer, and all Worcester residents who participate will be put in the drawing for our grand prizes!

Be sure to remember your user name and password as we are unable to retrieve them for you! Ask us about signing up as a family!
The Scorch Trials By: James Dashner
When I first read The Maze Runner, it was like I became obsessed with the series, so I decided to find the rest of the books, and I managed to read all of them in one sitting!  WPL catalog
Katie K Whale by Suzanne Tate
Katie K Whale loves her family and one day she swam far away from her pod of whales. She keeps looking for them and finally sees a boat and then there are a lot of people on it and they watch Katie do tricks. She finally finds her family.   WPL catalog