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Important Messages
The summer reading program is now over. We hope you reached your goal. The final drawing for our grand prizes will be held in September.

Welcome to Adult Summer Reading 2014!

Summer Reading isn't just for kids! Join in the fun!

  • The program runs from June 9 - August 16.

  • You must be over 18 to participate in the Adult Program. We have other programs for Children and Teens.

  • Prizes are awarded based on time you spend reading or going to programs.

We have events and activities every day at the Main Library or the branches. Keep an eye on the calendar! Keep track of your time spent reading, listening to a book, or attending a library program here in your log. You will be eligible for prizes throughout the summer, and everyone who participates will be put in the drawing for our grand prizes!

Be sure to remember your user name and password as we are unable to retrieve them for you! Ask us about signing up as a family!
Titanic Voices from the Disaster by D. Hopkinson
There have been many books--fact and fiction--written about the Titanic disaster. This book is very easy reading about a number of people--passengers and crew alike--who were interviewed after the sinking. It is rewarding to see that, in the wake of a disaster, people are for the most part able to put their lives back together. A good book.  WPL catalog
Hard Choices By Hilary Clinton
WOW! If you dont know Hilary Clinton by now this book will take it to the next level. I love how she showcase her struggles and her adchievements with the past years of secretary of state. It really brought out some "AH HA" moments and caught me of guard that she had to face so many things.   WPL catalog