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Important Messages
The summer reading program is now over. We hope you reached your goal. The final drawing for our grand prizes will be held in September.

Welcome to Adult Summer Reading 2014!

Summer Reading isn't just for kids! Join in the fun!

  • The program runs from June 9 - August 16.

  • You must be over 18 to participate in the Adult Program. We have other programs for Children and Teens.

  • Prizes are awarded based on time you spend reading or going to programs.

We have events and activities every day at the Main Library or the branches. Keep an eye on the calendar! Keep track of your time spent reading, listening to a book, or attending a library program here in your log. You will be eligible for prizes throughout the summer, and everyone who participates will be put in the drawing for our grand prizes!

Be sure to remember your user name and password as we are unable to retrieve them for you! Ask us about signing up as a family!
Batman the city of owls, Scott Snyder
Interesting view of the batman canon   WPL catalog
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Interesting story line though it leaves a lot out and seems very contradictory. The writing is very choppy since the narrator seamlessly talks about the past and present in the same paragraph, leaving the reader to figure which one is which. The ending is very loose and open to interpretation. The "Historical Note" section, however, is very interesting. It gives one pause about how history is viewed from future generations. Our seemingly mundane lives might be fantastic, laughable, or scary to generations ahead.   WPL catalog