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“Fizz, Boom, Read” is this year's theme for the summer reading club at the Wilbraham Public Library. Children ages 2 through 10, whether reading independently or still reading with a partner, are invited to participate in the club which will transform the children’s area into a science lab. Registration runs from June 21 - July 12. Children will be asked to read for at least 25 days during the summer. Working toward this goal, they will receive incentives along the way. Each child who completes his or her 25 days of reading will be invited to a private rollerskating party in August. The finishers will receive a certificate of completion, a prize, and a free paperback book.

A variety of special events will be offered throughout the summer, supported by the Friends of the Library, the regional library systems, and the MBLC. Sign-up will be held one week before each event.

Barbie I can be a baby doctor
Henry and Mudge went on vacation to the wild west. They stayed at the Cowboy Inn, and they had a lot of fun chasing tumbleweed. They had fun of vacation, but they were happy when they got home. I feel the same way as Henry when I come home from vacation, home is always best. I liked to read about all the fun things Henry and Mudge did.
Henry and Mudge and the Tumbling Trip
Cynthia Rylant
Bitty baby and me
Kirby Larson