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Important Messages
Welcome to Every Hero Has a Story! This year, each child (birth-12) who registers for the program will receive a free book! Stop by the Library to claim your prize.

Tickets to win fabulous prizes will be earned throughout the summer and earning tickets is as easy as 1-2-3.

You can earn...
1 ticket for every day you come to the library.
2 tickets for writing a short book review on books read the summer.
3 tickets for coming to programs at the library.

How to Participate:
1. Register online at, or sign up at the Library
2. Set your own personal Reading Goal and read to reach it, write book reviews for each of the titles you read this summer, or choose to do both!
3. Visit the Library and attend Library programs to earn additional tickets.

Food for Fines, July 1-Aug 31
The Grafton Food Bank needs your help! Bring in a donation of non-perishables or school supplies and we’ll waive your fines (up the value of donated goods). Food for Fines can only be applied to overdue fines.

The seahorse is a very interesting creature. It's dad lays the eggs and cares for its young. This is a great non fiction book and you will learn a lot about seahorses.
2nd Review-Surprise Seahorse
Stacey Desiemo
This was a fun book to read at bedtime with my toddler. Poor, sleepy Bear is getting harassed by Duck, who is wide awake. Hijinx ensue. My 2-year-old enjoyed laughing at Duck.
Goodnight Already!
I love trucks and rhyming books so this one is one of my favorites! I like to find the little blue truck on every page.
Little Blue Truck Leads the Way
Alice Schertle
The main character in this story is Frog. His friends are raccoon, rabbit, squirrel and possum. The stories are funny. I would recommend this book.
2nd Review-Frog and Friends
The character of the story are - June B. Jones, Lucille and Grace.
Setting - Carnival in school
Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake
Barbara Park