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Important Messages
Welcome to Every Hero Has a Story! This year, each child (birth-12) who registers for the program will receive a free book! Stop by the Library to claim your prize.

Tickets to win fabulous prizes will be earned throughout the summer and earning tickets is as easy as 1-2-3.

You can earn...
1 ticket for every day you come to the library.
2 tickets for writing a short book review on books read the summer.
3 tickets for coming to programs at the library.

How to Participate:
1. Register online at, or sign up at the Library
2. Set your own personal Reading Goal and read to reach it, write book reviews for each of the titles you read this summer, or choose to do both!
3. Visit the Library and attend Library programs to earn additional tickets.

Food for Fines, July 1-Aug 31
The Grafton Food Bank needs your help! Bring in a donation of non-perishables or school supplies and we’ll waive your fines (up the value of donated goods). Food for Fines can only be applied to overdue fines.

It's about a boy who is trying to win a co.puter by doing a winning science project. He calls people in his class know it all's and smart kids. He's a smart kid
Jake Drake Know it all
Andrew Clemens
I liked that it had superheroes in it. And that they saved people.
Super friends: Fly to the Rescue
My favorite part was when she was making the cupcakes with her Mom. A funny part was when her little sister kept dipping her finger in the batter. I liked this book.
Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes
I would like to have a dinosaur like Danny.
Danny and the Dinosaur
Sid Hoff
This story is about when a girl named Nancy's dance class has a mermaid play. Nancy and her friend Bree want to be mermaids but they are trees. Another girl is a mermaid but she hurt her leg. She can play Bree's part and be a tree and Bree is a mermaid. Nancy is upset she is not a mermaid. The dance teacher says that the tree is graceful and then Nancy accepted that.

By: Anika Sivasankar
Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet
Jane O'Connor