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The Teen Summer Reading Program begins on July 1 and ends on August 9th. Be sure to sign-up and you can be entered to win weekly prizes. At the end of Summer Reading Program you can be entered to win one of our four grand prizes which in previous years have included laptops, iPads, and eReaders.

Registration for the Teen Summer Reading Program begins on June 24th but you won’t be able to log your books until July 1.

Writing Reviews
When writing your book review please include the title, author, a little something about the subject of the book and what you liked or didn’t like about the book. Three sentences is the requirement for a review. Here is an example:

The Burn Journals by Brent Runyon

This is a great book about a 14 year old who tries to kill himself. Brent, who is also the author, talks about the memories when he tried to kill himself because he got bad grades and he didn’t want his parents to know. One day, he actually almost killed himself by lighting himself on fire. He got many 2nd and 3rd degree burns and started to wonder if anyone would like him anymore. Brent sees life in a different light and learns to cherish life and be grateful for what he has. After he recovered from most of his burns, he gets sent to a rehab center where people are mean to him but he still pushes his way back to normality and getting on with his life. When I finished reading this book, I couldn’t believe that this was a true story. This is a great experience with suicide and the victim’s thoughts and emotion. This is a one of a kind book and I would recommend this autobiography to anyone willing to face the devastating experience for Brent Runyon.

What's everyone reading?
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Danny Dragonbreath and his best friend Wendell are visiting his Uncle Steve to get some help for the bat they rescued. However, they get a lot more than they bargained for when Danny gets kidnapped by a giant vampire bat which was previously thought to only exist in stories. Wendell and Uncle Steve, in hot pursuit of the giant bat, follow it to its roost- where Danny is taking matters into his own hands. Danny attempts to escape when the bat falls asleep, only to run into an equally large sized bat. (SPOILER ALERT!) It wants to eat him for dinner and is chasing him around the cave when bat #1 wakes up. The two giant bats fight over Danny and it is at this time Wendell appears. He and Danny locate the exit and are able to escape safely.
This book is a mixture of a comic book and, well, a book (it tells the story using a pictures and words). The author thinks up a new, dangerous and exciting plot for each book in the Dragonbreath series and this book is no exception. ‘Lair of the Monster’ is also deliciously fun to read and contains edge-of-your-seat action in every few pages. What’s more, the author manages to maintain a humorous and witty tone throughout the whole story. So if you’re looking for an exciting, adventurous, and laugh-out-loud funny book, then look no further than ‘The Dragonbreath Series, Book 4: Lair of the Monster’ (or better yet read the whole series).  Boston Public Library's Online Catalog
The Dragonbreath Series, Book 4: Lair of the Monster
Ursula Vernon
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Esperanza is ecstatic for her 13th birthday, which they will have an expensive fiesta for. This book takes place 1930, when bandits hated rich ranch owners. When Esperanza’s papa is killed by them just before her birthday, every thing goes wrong. Esperanza’s uncle wishes to marry Esperanza’s mother, just to be famous. When the uncle burns down their house, they know they are in trouble. Esperanza & her mother flee to America with friends and they start a troubled life from there. This book is truly heart breaking when the papa, yet a tragedy. I also love the author’s wonderful imagery. This book is amazing.  Boston Public Library's Online Catalog
Esperanza Rising
Pam M. Ryan
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This exciting, fast paced book is a thrill to read, from when Jason wakes up, with no memory, to when they need to find Percy Jackson. Jason, a totally normal boy, appears on a bus to camp. At camp it is chaos. After a deadly fight with Greek storm spirits, they end up in camp half-blood, a special place for kids who are half god, half human. Jason, Piper, and Leo are sent on a long and terrifying journey to save Hera, the Queen goddess, before big chunks of evil strike. The head to a big & FREEZING ice palace to king Boreas, a abandoned car plant with giant Cyclops, a dangerous store owned by a dead, (but alive), human, and much more. This amazing book is full of small fights, bravery, and monsters. To enter the fascinating world like this, it would take every last drop of courage in the world.  Boston Public Library's Online Catalog
The Lost Hero
Rick Riordan